Portrait of Robert ReyNVE Bank – We are the Community

1887. A milestone year. Grover Cleveland was President of the United States. Our nation celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. And the first Groundhog Day was observed in Punxsutawney, Pa. Englewood New Jersey also had its own memorable event. The opening of the Englewood Mutual Loan and Building Association. What later became known as NVE Bank was the area’s first savings and loan association, ending its inaugural year with 100 “members” and assets of $25,000.

A lot has changed since 1887. NVE now has 11 branches, over 30,000 customers and assets of over $700 million. But what hasn’t changed is our bank’s role as a leader in Bergen County, committed to helping customers and communities prosper through the products and services it offers and the charitable causes it champions.

When I’m asked what makes NVE different from other financial institutions, three things comes to mind. First, our existence as a community mutual bank. We do not issue stock or exist to maximize investor returns for Wall Street, which allows us to always focus on serving our customers and community. Our lending business is a perfect example of our philosophy of partnering with our customers. Whether it’s securing a first home mortgage or obtaining financing to expand a business, our committed and knowledgeable staff are expert at providing our customers’ financing options tailored to their individual needs.

Another unique aspect of NVE is the bank’s emphasis on social responsibility. For us, it’s personal. We are based in Bergen County. Most of our employees live in Bergen County. So unlike many other banking institutions, our customers are our neighbors and our communities are where we live and raise our families. That makes us deeply connected to the citizens of northern, New Jersey, and dedicated to making a difference where we can. Our team members volunteer hundreds of hours annually, participating and supporting local civic and charitable events. And the bank regularly reinvests financial resources back into the towns where we live and work.

And our customer service-oriented culture is a true game changer in the banking business. Superior customer service is not just a catchy phrase for us. While we offer a full range of innovative products and services that compare with any of the “big banks”, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Our team members truly care about their customers and make an effort to know each one individually. We want to be there for them through every stage of their life – whether its buying a first home, saving for college or preparing for retirement. Because of our personal touch, our customer base is multi-generational, as children grow up, return to Bergen County and start their own relationship with NVE.

NVE Bank. Strong, enduring, committed, caring, its name has stood for strength and stability since 1887. And that legacy continues. For the past 5 years, NVE has earned Bauer Financial Inc.’s 5-Star Rating, designating it as one of the strongest banks in the nation. In contrast, it’s hard to keep up with the “big banks” as they change ownership, change names and change the rules. From the day we first opened our doors, NVE has remained a stable pillar of the community. That’s a track record very few banks can hope to achieve.

Robert Rey